Mr. Senrick--Teacher/World Traveler

Mr. Senrick--Teacher/World Traveler
Educators to Saudi Arabia 2007

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Hello from Houston!

Orientation is underway in Houston. The other 24 teachers from the country are really interesting! I was able to practice my Arabic with Nora, a teacher from Virginia. She lived in Egypt for 9 years. Dwayne from Winona is also from Minnesota. He has established sister schools throughout the world, and hopes to do the same with students in Saudi Arabia. I had lunch today with teachers from Washington and Kentucky. They helped me pick out the adapter I needed to plug my electronics into when we're in the Kingdom.

Tomorrow we will be going to the Aramco headquarters in Houston to get some more program basics. There we will be briefed by former participants on topics varying from community outreach to class-curriculum implementation. Still some prep to do, but it's more exciting every day!

Stay tuned! It's only going to get more exciting from here on out.

(If you have them and I will answer them in future posts!)