Mr. Senrick--Teacher/World Traveler

Mr. Senrick--Teacher/World Traveler
Educators to Saudi Arabia 2007

Thursday, April 5, 2007

Livin' the Saudi Life--Folk culture style!

Starting from sunset tonight, we spent the evening at a Red Sea resort immersed in folk culture. We watched the sun set over the Red Sea and went back to the resort buildings for tea. After tea, we headed back to the beach. On our way, we were pleasantly surprised by two rows of men in traditional dress welcoming us with music and song. Known as "Raqsa Hejazya" in Arabic, the music and dance represent the culture of the Western Region of the country--primarily Jeddah, Meccah, and Medina. The instruments played included the "Oud" (guitar type), "Dufuf" (drums), "Tablah" (drum), and "Mghani" (harp like). Jamal, a p.e. teacher from the region lead us in the dances. It was great to experience some tradition and feel even more connected with this fascinating, dynamic, multi-faceted culture. hat is on crooked...I'm cool.
Nora enjoying the grand entrance.

Henna, a special material (made of a plant extract?), is commonly used for decorating women's hands in Saudi. It is not uncommon for men to have henna tattoos as well! Naturally, I had to have one. Plus, I looked a lot more authentic doing the dances when I had the tattoo also. :-)
My new friend Asrar (which means secrets!)

Traditional folk attire...I look pretty good in it! ;-)

It was really enjoyable for all who were there! A few last pictures of the evening...
My pal Nicole from Utah getting her leg hennaed.
Nick, David, and Jim getting into the dancing!
One of our dance leaders.
How cute is she with her apple drink!
Two of our hosts (on the right) enjoying "ShiSha," a traditional fruit tobacco pipe.