Mr. Senrick--Teacher/World Traveler

Mr. Senrick--Teacher/World Traveler
Educators to Saudi Arabia 2007

Saturday, April 7, 2007

Royal treatment.

I have heard this question a few times, "How do the Saudis treat you?" Like royalty! Aramco, our sponsor, has spared no expense on this trip, which is something we American teachers are not used to. From the most lavish of accomodations, to meals that leave us busting at the seems, to gifts that could fill an additional suit case, we have been left spoiled. At the same time, they have exposed us to experiences and introduced us to people that will have us sharing the positive attributes of the Kingdom (as well as some negative) to our students and communities for years to come. Here are pictures from the exquisite hotel we are staying at now, as well as the view from my window:


Haneen said...

Solomon when I saw the pictures of the Bathroom I just laughed, because I remembered how I reacted when I first saw them. My first time to stay at Alfaisaliah hotel is when it first operated a couple of years back. I remember calling my friends telling them about their Huge Wonderful bathrooms, although at that time the room I was in had a Jacuzzi within the bathroom .. and that what made me flip!!
I am happy that you are liking your stay in Riyadh. :) waiting to hear more about your adventures there. :)

Anonymous said...

On the traveling site I went to, it said what you can talk about is limited, such as no criticizing. It said that areas have listening devices in the hotels, taxis, ect. From what you've seen/read, is that true? Or otherwise, how common?

Oh, also, unless someone posted it already -looks at Navita- . . . Did you find anything about: according to the Islamic faith you can't take certain photographs, yet there is video?

[Is there alot of American influence? That building with your name, was that a hospital?]


It's a late comment, i know. ;(

Anonymous said...

holy moley senrick. that is really nice of them. why do you think they treat you "like royalty"?


Rebecca said...

Did you find Saudi Arabia more developed than you thought it would be?

Is there alot of Western influence in Saudi Arabia?

Anonymous said...

dannnnnnnng, you guys are spoiled. thats a waaaay nice hotel. are hotels like that common???

-angela !

Nicki D. said...

Senrick you said that people from other countries don't really why were you treated like "royalty?" Did you find the lyrics to the Sticker Time Song?